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KENJA GLOBAL METEORA SYSTEM Co., Ltd. President and CEO Eiji Watanabe

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President and CEO Eiji Watanabe
Isehara Office
Lumiere 102, 690-1, Ishida, Isehara City, Kanagawa Prefecture 2591-16
TEL 0463-96-3615 / FAX 0463-96-3616
Accounting department
2-50-10-205 Honcho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0012
TEL 03-3377-9545 / FAX 03-3377-9625

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METEORA SYSTEM products are patent-based materials. There are two materials. One of them is the quantum resistant blockchain. Table 1 was created to discuss what this secondary product is and what it looks like. There is a cell colored in yellow there. It claims that the “visible gold ◯” has hidden the “invisible gold ✕” behind it: this “invisible gold ✕” was named digital gold.

Table 1: The non-commutative algorithm can temporarily close a digital gold " deposit account".

A lot of manpower is put in and gold becomes visible. On the other hand, the digital gold will be instantly born on the net as long as the consent of the three parties is verified.
Multivariable Digital Currencies | METEORA SYSTEM.
What kind of work does such digital gold do?

We have not yet seen the answer to what role the digital gold will play. However, it is thought that there are three financial fields that are likely to give jobs to this.

The three fields are the international gold standard, the domestic gold standard, and the financial initiative implemented by the private sector. It is still unknown what role the digital gold will play in each field. For example, I don't know if it will replace gold.

At least the following can be said: The digital gold should solve the problem around here, as the gold standard alone has a history of not working. In other words, the supply of gold could not keep up with the expansion of the economy, and not only that, the countries that cannot have it were disadvantageous from the beginning compared to the countries that can have it. The digital gold will shed light on the problems around here, because digital gold is essentially free of physical constraints in meeting the demand for money.

It is believed that there are many stakeholders: a uniform licensing scheme does not help stakeholders. Since the digital gold has a “rating = 5”, it is not a digital currency of surveillance society, but a digital currency that fosters freedom and democracy.
A “rating = 5” ☞ Digital_currency_raitingENG.pdf

The digital gold that fosters freedom and democracy: We will manage the responsibilities and obligations of possible licensees fairly. Every license scheme involves the inventor's disclosure work.

We would appreciate any feedback or vision regarding the above licensing scheme. Alternatively, this initiative also welcomes directors or coordinators as interested parties.

January 1, 2021
© Eiji Watanabe, METEORA SYSTEM

Note 1: Japanese people trust cash because banknotes guarantee anonymity. Since there is anonymity, it is possible to make deposit in a chest of drawers. This is one of the reasons why cashless payments are not widespread in Japan. The ongoing CBDC could also be a means of collecting deposit in a chest of drawers, with interest rates. The possible CBDC, which guarantees anonymity, will be widely loved for a long time. we would like to expect such CBDC from the central bank.

Note 2: In general, it tends to be designed based on the logic of the issuer, but multivariable digital currencies are in the position of consumer protection, to protect privacy and financial assets, as well as to have protocols to block money laundering. The logic of the issuer is “mere IT”, but the logic of multivariable digital currencies is “Money”. It is possible to operate that “mere IT” can be used for daily shopping, but not for purchasing airline tickets.

Note 3: Gold, banknotes, and multivariable digital currencies do not limit human freedom. Also, while these values balance with national prestige, if the announced CBDC is, in fact, socially implemented, it will cause such incidents that undermine national prestige.

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